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What You Need to Know To Make An Informed Decision   About Earthsmart.....

                   It's Not What We Do....It's HOW & When WE DO IT!!

    What We Do:

  •   Treat for insects, weeds, & diseases.

  •   Fertilize your yard, of course!

  •   Use Organics, definitely.

  •   Aerate your lawn, yep, most of the     time.

  •   Fight your fireants.  

How We Do It:

  • Personal visit to your business or home by our degreed horticulturist.

  • Locate and identify the insects, weeds & disease wrecking your landscape.

  • Analyze your irrigation, plant placement & cutting problems.

  • Recommend a customized treatment plan for you, not your neighbor.

  • Use the least invasive methods possible

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