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Our mission is to provide our customers with a customized lawn pest program. With your children and pets in mind we will design a plan to protect your landscaping investment.  By selecting Earthsmart you will gain our many years of experience in diagnostics and our expertise with cultural practices. Cultural practices include mowing heights, choice of plants, sod and types of turf, and irrigation schedules. Conducting a complete landscape evaluation will promote health for all your plants, not simply your grass. We provide both chemical and biological approaches to shrub and lawn care. Give us a call to schedule your free evaluation.

We use Golf Course Grade Fertilizers for your lawn's best performance.

We can provide a lawn aeration option and spray for disease and pests.

A full landscape evaluation is free -- followed by your personalized plan.

We can provide single applications or a yearly service for you.

Earth Smart has one of the most advanced lawn care system available. This system provides for the entire grass ecosystem, not just the tops of the grass plants. No other system available can do as much. We care for the soil, the roots and the leaves. We also provide insect, disease, weed and grub control!



Fertilizer- An early application of root promoting and bacteria promotion fertilizers. This will stimulate  root growth and allow the soil to break down winter thatch.

Weed Control- May be necessary at this time if a warm winter was experienced.



Fertilization- Is needed to ensure an early healthy green-up!   

Weed Control- Pre-emergence applied as a preventive for summer weeds.  

Crabgrass Control- Selective pre-emergent applied now to ensure control of this annual problem grassy weed.   



Fertilizer- A light feeding to ensure a steady food supply for healthy growth without over stimulating the turf. Over feeding will promote fungus growth.

Insect control- Applied as needed to control and prevent summer type insects from damaging the turf

Grub Control- The newest products to control this problem pest are applied at this time, they take a few weeks to become active in the soil profile and are effective for a considerable length of time.   

 Aeration- A great time to oxygenate the soil and to promote root growth! Recommended for all Texas soils.



Fertilization- An extended slow release feeding to ensure a steady food supply for healthy growth without over stimulating the lawn. Over growth at this time will promote insect infestations.

Insect control- Applied as needed to control and prevent summer insects from damaging the lawn. Granular and liquid applications may be needed.    



Fertilization- This last application is specific to root promotion throughout the winter months. Your lawn and shrubs grow their roots during this period. A generous supply of food is applied at this time to begin the repair of any summer stresses and to start the rebuilding of roots for next spring. A healthy lawn starts in this fall period- not in the spring, as most people believe.

Weed Control- Applied as needed to control any summer or early fall germinating weeds.  


Inspection and treatment for existing fungus and or weeds.

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