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"My goal is to provide each customer with a unique experience, based on an attention to detail not available with another management company!"

Upon completion of a BS in Horticulture from Mississippi State University, Barry's first job was for a large wholesale plant grower in Mobile, Alabama.  He learned the landscape plant business and decided to try it on his own when he opened Bayside Landscaping.  He quickly became experienced in both installation and design.  He used his education and his desire to please his residential and commercial customers with landscape, irrigation and hardscape features.  Walls of cascading water, unique fence designs, retaining walls and walkways became normal additions for his landscapes of trees, shrubs and seasonal color.

Eventually, Barry purchased acreage in his home state of Mississippi and became a tree and landscape shrub grower.  He continued his commercial landscaping and learned the growing business while honing his field expertise of plant disease and pests. 

Now living in Texas, Barry has brought his thirty-five years of knowledge and experience and a new perspective to his Texas customers.  He was licensed for irrigation, landscaping, pest management and wholesale growing in Mississippi. He can find the pest and the diseased spots in your Texas landscaping too.  Is your lawn crew cutting your grass with a dull blade, cutting too short, or bringing disease into your lawn on their blades?  Can your irrigation system be adjusted to improve your landscaping?  Do you have the wrong plants in the wrong places?  These problems could certainly be why you aren’t happy with your landscape and outdoor spaces. 

Give Barry and Earthsmart the opportunity to evaluate and diagnose your unique lawn situation.  He will make recommendations, spray for pests and diseases and provide the appropriate fertilizers.  A lovely landscape adds value to your property.  Protect your landscape investment and enjoy your outdoor spaces…….  Call Earthsmart today.

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